At the Final Moments of Daikaiju Titan Gigalon

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At the Final Moments of Daikaiju Titan Gigalon

Relive the last rampage of the mighty Gigalon.

GIGAFLAME for deforestation
GIGATAIL STRIKE to demolish homes

A perfect monster has no end.

Libra V. Lahaie
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Wish I could run this. It

Wish I could run this. It looks fun.

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Neat, game, but a couple

Neat, game, but a couple things: 1) is it possible to ever avoid missiles and 2) why is it like 20mb and requires installing ?

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On target.

Sadly, Gigalon can't avoid missiles. This is a faithful retelling of his final moments. As for packing it with an installer, KnP was giving me grief for some reason or another, and it ended up being the only reliable way I found to get this game running after trying it on a few different machines. Go figure. This was a supremely old game I had kicking around that I just slapped some title/end screens on. The file size is due to the size of the .WAVs for the Gigalon March and Elegy for Gigalon. Frankly, Titan Gigalon deserves better than this. I've been having fun going through all the stuff I made from way back when KnP was released. I still have my boxed copy!

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Ah, alright, I should've

Ah, alright, I should've figured that about the missiles! KnP can be quite finicky.

Also I was not aware Titan Gigalon was a real thing, it sounded like something made up just for this game!!

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Titan Gigalon is a supporting character I created for an animated series I was trying to develop years and years ago.

Maybe I'll put him in more games...?

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Ahh, sounds cool! I'd like

Ahh, sounds cool! I'd like to see more Titan Gigalon. I can see a real mythos happen around the duder.