Crazy the Scorpion

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This is a straightforward of the surrealist homebrew card game "Crazy the Scorpion" as outline here:

Leonard Richardson, Beth Lerman, and Kirk Israel
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I made my nephews a Crazy

I made my nephews a Crazy the Scorpion deck for Christmas, and it's *so damn good*. One of my nephews laughed so hard he had a coughing fit.

Curious how the Wikipedia-scraped nouns work compared to Trivial Pursuit nouns; one of the best Trivial Pursuit cards we got was "its back legs", which I imagine the Wikipedia nouns don't have anything quite like.

This totally makes me want to build a proper online version, though it's difficult to say exactly what "proper" means in this context. I think you'd need real time voice chat or it would fall apart; the game is in the constant, unrelenting need for all players to justify piling more absurdity on top of the previous just-barely-justified absurdity.

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Yeah, I've been talking over

Yeah, I've been talking over some of the limitations of our 'wreck implementation...

For one thing, maybe an online synchronous version is just not a great idea, that you need the socialness of people outloud, this ain't no Draw Something.
But I think it's useful as gameboard/gamekeeper, like I have hear. It would be good if it wasn't a preset board, but was more flexible in where the final borders are relative to the initial placement (Leonard argued why this wasn't quite as big a limitation as it first seemed) so I could think of a UI to handle that better.

There are some other minor details about the flexibility of the UI, and it might be nice to build in a an auto "headline reader" that would spit out just what was made.... but you're right the biggest split then is the trivial pursuit vs wikipedia. Leonard has looked before but there seem to be no real great source of trivia answers.

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Come to think of it, I've

Come to think of it, I've got a CD-ROM crammed with like 100 different themed trivia shareware games, all built on the same engine. I'm pretty sure I could track the guy down / reverse-engineer the format...

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Oh, that might be worthwhile!

Oh, that might be worthwhile!

Leonard Richardson

The guy and a guy who made 4 giant games that advertised his bbs.. That must have been the best bbs, DA WARREN BBS. I wonder what it was like to actually be there?

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I can't believe I missed

I can't believe I missed this one until now! Fantastic implementation- I need to play this (your version and the original) sometime when I have the chance :)