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George was a man fascinated with his dreams. He wondered, what caused them? What were they trying to tell him?
But one day, he had a dream that was out of the ordinary.

Shift- Jump
Arrow Keys- Move

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An event


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How are you supposed to beat

How are you supposed to beat the third level?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! ERROR.

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It's possible, you just have

It's possible, you just have to be really precise.

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cool game... very gamey,

cool game... very gamey, this is the most gamey smedis2 game I think I've seen yet! I really do not like how slippery the main character is though. way too easy to slip into obstacles esp on level 3 :(

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Jumping precision

I really like the atmosphere!
Jump from platform to platform avoiding spikes and dream creatures.
Adding more puzzle elements and less finger acrobatics would make this game great.