Manic Sword Man

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It's been a long time since I'd made a game for GT; here's my homecoming. It's great to be back.

You are Jimmy James. Your book has been translated into Japanese, and then that translation was translated back into English. The results were less than satisfactory.

Take out your frustration by chopping up as many of the books as you can. Wade through the wreckage with the ARROW KEYS.

Inspired by my partner's love for the old television show News Radio. Title and game mechanics from the Video Game Name Generator website. Some sounds made with the free application bfxr, while others were made with my voice and a crappy dictaphone recorder. SDK was MMF2.

Copyleft 2013 let-off studios.


UPDATES: Description and game updated to fix typos. Cheers to thesycophant for fact-checking.

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loving the overlapping

loving the overlapping screams

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Man, this is pretty

Man, this is pretty satisfying to play. Debris and screams everywhere.

Not enough NewsRadio fangames in the world.

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Nitpicky canon note: "Macho

Nitpicky canon note: "Macho Business Donkey Wrestler" was translated into Japanese (not Chinese) and back into English. But maybe that was intentional!

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I am shamed!

I have to fix that in an update. I should have known the stereotype of gung-ho Japanese businessman factored into it somehow.

My only defense is that it was late, and I was tired, when I finished up the title screen. I even axed a voice version of the intro because my faux-Asian dialect was horrible.

EDIT: The game has been corrected. Thanks for your diligence, thesycophant!