Chocolate Trampoline Invaders

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Aliens are attacking the Earth! The government has commissioned NASA to get rid of the invaders, having found out their only weakness is their diabetes. Sadly, with their limited budget, the best they could come up with was a huge ball of chocolate and a trampoline.

Use the mouse to control the trampoline, hold the left button to hold the ball down to release it higher.

Clear all aliens for an extra life!

(Made for the event but I missed the deadline on that since my ISP decided I probably didn't need an internet connection for the whole weekend)

Made For: 
An event


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good game and music, the

good game and music, the pictures made me chuckle! it seems really hard to do well though.

Indeed this one was a nice touch.

The pictures I never expected. There was some wonderful work involved that surprised me. But pretty much I'll concur with mno here.