Chime Crime

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It is 3102 malovian stornich calendar

The ringing of bells or Chime Crime has been forbidden at the penalty of death. The reason for this has been lost to the ages.

The notorious immortal ancestral alien protohuman criminal who brought forbidden cosmic knowledge of sauerkraut to all Innocentgoodlyman Gentleman the Third has been fooled into committing the heinous act of Chime Crime in front of the Tribunal of Flowers by his rival and kindergarten teacher Heartbeast Saintslayer.

The only way out is for Innocentgoodlyman Gentleman the Third to beat the system. The protostructure will go bankrupt prosecuting you if you commit one million infractions. Ring the bells. Fearlessly strike them again and again to blasphemy the law itself before you bear the weight of your crime instead of letting evidence accrue. But beware. Invoke the mark of the sickle, draw its attention and it shall cut your life short. Let death fall as it may. You have no other hope to survive.

Catch bells for points.

You will be penalized for bells that fall off the screen, and ultimately lose a life.

Shoot the bells to increase the point multiplier before you catch them.

Don't get greedy in aquiring points, because shooting the bells too many times will cause them to kill you instead when you catch them.

Get one million points to win the game.

Cursor keys - move
Space - shoot

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The story to this is amazing.

The story to this is amazing.

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TwinBee much?

TwinBee much?

yes, this was inspired by twinbee

It represents a deep seeded fear when playing it, that shooting the bells too many time or letting one fall off screen would result in a game over due to something horrible like wiping out all life on the planet below.

Also I should mention if no one's found it, that if they find the game tedious to get to one million points, you can increase the point multiplier at the start of the game by pressing Z on the title screen. This also increases the penalties for bells falling off the screen though.

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Interesting method of

Interesting method of discouraging the player from just spamming fire everywhere! IF YOU DO THAT YOU'LL IRREVERSIBLY BREAK THE UNIVERSE

Yeah, simply amazing

It looks like a lot of care went into this production. I was able to reach the allotted points but it didn't change to the right frame. Nevertheless, I like the sound effects, the fact the gameplay is brutal that you have to take care and not overdo it, it shows a balance.. good trackz, sweet beatz, gr8 plot. This is even "hey who is this gent and/or madam i wonder if there's any other gems from the past?" material here.

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What a story! What a game!

What a story! What a game! Only complaint I have is that getting a million points doesn't seem to do anything? (I was playing with the increased multiplier after hitting Z). This is a brilliant KNP work, I look forward to more from you!

Sorry about that

The good ending didn't work because I had the two conditions in the wrong order for that event in the event editor. I guess I didn't check it thoroughly enough since I created the endings in a second sitting after designing most of the core gameplay and didn't think there'd be a problem with that. Here's a fixed version, I made sure the good ending worked first this time.

chime11.zip223.43 KB

Thanks for the reply

and the reprise. The fact you're tuning in and updating your stuff is nice.. I really think for something like this I'd go out of my way and tell people about it simply because I had so much fun with it. If you have the time to edit the original post and change the download link that way, it'd be cool to do it that way. Some of us, or at least me just randomly go through the .exe that excitemike catered to us and just click on it and that software will download the link at the top.

Cool, I just played through it, with z this time..

I'm curious, I tried playing it in mmf2 actually, running the .gam and playing the application that way.. Seems like WRAP works a lot better in the original klik n play for this example, since it doesn't get stuck in between like mmf2 does. Subtle version differences? Naturally I didn't get frustrated and did notice the inconsistency between the two and switched back to the oldschool klik n play exe.

Updated the main page file too

Yeah I thought about that after I posted, so I updated it too.

Never really thought about the wrap. Might be because it's not really moving left/right, but I put a condition to change the x position of the bell plus a certain value. I didn't think wrap would work, so my first attempt I put a condition to change the X position of the bells to the other side of the screen manually if they went outside the frame, but it turned out easier to just use wrap.