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To be different I did a Wolfenstein level with a silly name. Has absolutely no relation to defunct female empowerment pop groups.

Also, up your butt 64kb image limitation I wanted that title screen red as Nazi blood not grey as silt.

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Holy crap, Never thought i'd

Holy crap, Never thought i'd see a Wolfenstien 3D mod on Glorious Trainwrecks.

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woah, wolf3D levels in

woah, wolf3D levels in 2013??? cool. good level, but I can't get past the boss. I find Wolfenstein's controls way too awful to be able to play well.

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Yeah those old games, before

Yeah those old games, before circle strafing was invented. I thought that I made the boss too easy putting in all that cover in there but it's good to see that the controls balance it out. For some people.

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aw yeah shootin' nazis in

aw yeah shootin' nazis in the back

Liz Ryerson and I were

Liz Ryerson and I were actually considering having a Wolf 3D jam when I next head to the US, and then compile them all into an episode (or several, depending on the output).

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It's pretty entry level

It's pretty entry level stuff so if you get enough people you could get it done in a day tops.

Yeah, that's why we want to

Yeah, that's why we want to do it. I already tried throwing a level together, it's not too complicated. Though it seems very easy to break the game if you design something you're not supposed to.

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There are guides out there.

There are guides out there. Somewhere. I'm sure of it. Anyway, if you use WDC like I did it gives you enough error messages that it's hard to really stuff up. Still doesn't prevent you from compiling your maps though so you can still do heaps of really dumb stuff like multiple floor codes in a room and setting up pushwalls to move off-map. Or making infinite game loops by putting the entrance to the secret level on maps other than the first one and making the regular exit impossible to get to.

I can't remember the name of

I can't remember the name of the editor I used, but it seemed to work fine and I never crashed the game or anything. I just remember having a problem with long corridors. I thought it would be amusing to have a very long elevator filled with enemies, but for some reason the enemies kept turning invisible. It still happened when I tried making the corridor much shorter.

Oh, the jam would be public, by the way. Anyone can make a level!