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A simple addicting two player shooter

At the request of a few people I have made several updates and will continue releasing new versions as I add content.

New for version 1.3
Race mode

Coming soon
New tanks
New player modes
More powerups
More weapons
Usable items
Campaign mode

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An event


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Added controls and level

Added controls and level reset option. FINAL VERSION

You don't need to create a

You don't need to create a new page! You can just upload new versions to the same page, and comment on any changes you made.

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Amon26 sez: i love the

Amon26 sez: i love the little skulls. theyre so adorable!!


I hope your 10 hours here have been good, You got a lot more done in 10 hours than I did.. Welcome to the ug and keep on uggin it. Any plans on finishing that dragon warrior?

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Dragon Warrior

I'm happy people who remember ZZT are still around.

I am still planning on finishing some ZZT games. Sadly Dragon warrior progress was stopped by the size limits of worlds and boards.
I will release a gallery of the engines art and programming of all of the ZZT worlds I am not going to finish. Dragon warrior will be in it.
thanks for the comment!

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Lynx Zzt Graveyard

Here it is.
Dragon Warrior
and tons more