Search filter and rating system

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If I want to find certain game genre's or look at games that people have made a real effort to create I have to go through the entire library of games. Even if I want to spend 5 minutes playing something crazy it takes time to find it.
A search filter system and rating system for all games is a must.

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Glorious Trainwrecks used to

Glorious Trainwrecks used to have star ratings for games, but Jeremey dropped that last year, feeling that ratings discouraged people from commenting on games. could discourage people from making games. I also don't think that public ratings are always a solid indicator of what games are subjectively good or polished! Or that the only games worth playing are those that had polish or effort put into them!

Currently the only curation is to pick a member you like, see their profile, and check out their list of favorites. I'd love to see this brought more into the forefront, maybe a page that shows you a random member's non-empty favorites list?. I don't think I'd want a page that shows the most favorited games, but I see how the site as it is now doesn't answer "what are some games I might enjoy playing to a newcomer." There's a tension between discoverability and reducing the site to one that implicitly makes creation into a competition.

(You can also see the most commented-on games, which also isn't necessarily a indicator of games a given person would enjoy playing.)

For genre, with the current site that might need to come from tagging? I don't know if I'd want to see putting down genre as a requirement for submission; tons of games on the site are all the better for defying genre conventions, and if searching over genre becomes a focus that would leave out the older, unclassified games.

Edit: topic changed to hmm and added breathtaking triumphs

I tried showcasing some of my favorite inspirations, those that had a klik n play/tgf sauce. Flash objecting a select few not to abuse it because great power comes great responsibility. clicking my name and clicking my development diary shows at least four games not by me I liked a lot. I'd hate to say it's hit or miss because every release every game is special in its own way or form of course. I was thinking of making more features.

There are a few undocumented ones. I'd love to make vin diesel bakes a cake an online one since that was my fav one By Strong. I have toyed with more releases for a while but don't want to pick just any. I pick out games I'd like to share with people that normally didn't get exposure or are a root/influence. Fatty Rain is at the top of the list.

There's also a breathtaking triumphs section, but it hasn't been updated in a while. Sort of a special edition feature. I found at first I wanted to make a game that could result in one some day since it's an honour.

I wouldn't know where to start, but it would be nice if for starters there was a documented archive of games that hit newgrounds that are playable on almost any machine without a download/install requirement. People that are brave enough to listen to the newgrounds criticism are bold ones, i can't say much else.. It's a walk into a different atmosphere.