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An attempt to remove the randomness from poker. @mcclure111 gets some of the idea credit.

This is the game, right here:
Each player has one standard deck of playing cards. For each hand, every player secretly draws a five-card hand from their own deck. Three rounds of betting occur, with each player progressively revealing one card of their choice between rounds. After the final round, all unfolded players reveal their remaining two cards and the hand is resolved. Hands are discarded after use, without revealing any still-hidden cards. Memory aids for played cards are allowed, and should be included in computerized implementations. All other rules are the same as standard poker.

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Most intense game of poker I've ever played

Like I was sitting here and reading the description, and 3/4ths through I'm like AHH SPOILERS, LET'S JUMP IN!

I was taken back... back where I was. Like I went nowhere.. Am I still here?

This game is breathtaking, so breathtaking I lost all acounts.. only seconds have passed... Did I take my multivitamin today? Keep em coming pilgrim!

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Is this like 7up for poker?

Is this like 7up for poker?

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This sounds super

This sounds super interesting. I have doubts about being able to convince a group of friends to play it with me though.


As a poker and game design fanatic, I tried tweaking poker in many ways.

I like this version, sounds like full of laugh times to be had with this variant. Only two things I don't like is that it relies on memory, and that I think it needs some major tweaks to be in any way balanced. You can do 11 hands with a full deck of card, and 8 of them cna be straigh flush. As you can judge, it is not working at this raw stage.