The Game Concept Generator - Continue!

Fri, Mar 08 2013 09:00 AM
03/08/2013 - 17:00
03/15/2013 - 00:00

I'm continuing the event:
The Game Idea Generator Mayhem,
because I loved it.
So, YOU must create a GAME in KNP, TGF, MMF, TGF2, MMF2 or MMF2 Dev.
YOU must use the generator that you can get here:
YOU can disregard one of subjects.
If you really HATE the KNP's clipart library, feel free to disregard the protagonist and antagonist subjects.
Go, go Power Rangers!

Games made for The Game Concept Generator - Continue!


avery's picture

why specifically those

why specifically those windows-only programs only?

since your windows won't let you ...

Protagonist: Judge
Antagonist: Draoula
Location: At London
Method of attack: with the power of words
Objective: burn the trees

Protagonist: Blaok Runner
Antagonist: Valet
Location: In a house
Method of attack: shooting fire
Objective: gather all the spaoeships

Protagonist: Al the Alien

Antagonist: Draoula

Location: On spaoe

Method of attack: shaolin kung-fu

Objective: listen to the horses

Protagonist: Gorilla
Antagonist: A Dinosaur
Location: At Disneyworld
Method of attack: with your voice
Objective: kill the sand

A Dinosaur
At Disneyworlcl
with your voice
kill the sand

On space
with a sword
listen to the presidents

In a pyramid
with the power of music
make friends with the Moon

Evil Face
At Disneyworld
with the power of music
make friends with the world

On the Moon
Shaolin kung-fu
clean all the sharks

Lost City
with the power of music
kill the sharks

In the Sewers
shooting fire
arrest the penguins

Normal Guy
At Disneyvvorld
shoohng bees
punish the sharks

In a pyramid
destroy yourself
destroy the horses

AI the Alien
A Dinosaur
At Disneyworld
shooting bees
destroy the Moon

Now you can make something. I've got my eyes on you and my bubble bonnet too!

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I feel honored right now

I feel honored right now *blush*

Well, looks like a recap of a could-be-good event.

Naturally I wanted to participate in this event the first run but at the time I was all about production values and multiple frames, still learning the medium, not to mention THEGAMESFACTORY2 Newgrounds Edition is like a lost maze... Will it work? who knows? I have gotten the blitz down since but it's still a new system for me. I have pulled a few all-nighters for the sake of adrian's events since he's still new to me, maybe to us and it's all i could think of at the time to say I appreciate the input and gestures of ug support.

Pulling a Lin and saying "i don't know if i'm gonna participate in this event because I don't have any ideas" gimmick isn't a good way to approach it and certainly downtalking the wonderful program that inspires us is a derogatory approach. Stand for you ug, lin. Maybe help all the fellow lunix/urkel users and post some screenshots or transcripts of some ideas you got since I believe you're still on a windows machine, and make yourself a good part. I raised my glass for you since one of your games was the first knp game I played and it set a bar of future things to come, but I have to say you can't downsize those that fight the fight. The medium and inspiration comes from events, and some people feel without an event it's an off season. It's sort of like a fan of all televised sports (myself excluded) flipping through channels on the remote to get the score right now so even though there is an interest times are tough and time budget is tougher. We don't have enough vcrs or tape to document it so it's your job to get out your keyboard, use your typing skills and play some game and form some sentences of praise or gentle critique if you want to lurk.

As far as events go, this one had the most rules guidelines but was solid, made sense. It was an append to the name generator, since this one is an interpretation of everyone's selected choices. It is probably going to be overlooked because everyone will ask who adrian is, or the concept that there's events everywhere, but even though I think there are events in the past I want to be part of still, I might find time to redownload and reexperience the program FVM did to help raise the torch of guidelight to fellow klik travelers and other mediums if they have the right Aladdin clipart going on. That aside I think Smedis is the only one who doesn't feel enveloped and embraces all these events, or so I'm led to believe.

Let's take it at face value the Phil way, put our face on the album cover, and do our best pilgrim!