SimPopeShop: Pope Shopping Simulator

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Ever wondered why the people can't get to vote on the new pope?

Ever wished to do that yourself? To have the freedom of choosing? To have a voice?


Or at least almost can! With the Simulator of a Pope Shop, or simply SimPopeShop!

What you have to do is simple:
1) First you select the pope you want to buy
2) Then you pay by shredding tears so that the Room of Tears can have some effect.
3) Presto!

Louisload & Jrg
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dinosaur pope would be the

dinosaur pope would be the coolest pope, also probably the least hateful

That was off the chain woo!

Nice interface, quick and simple, i love the selection tool, and the results that come from it. swell job. Edit: Oh right, and that last part, the ending was awesome, the way the effects got it to do that? A very pleasant surprise. Oy