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SO MANY PRETTY FLOWERS... ENJOY THIS ADVENTURE PILGRIM... SHIFT+ARROWS TO SHOOT, ARROWS TO MOVE. SOUNDTRACK is HERE including ptf and WAV. Original Tracks, Tracks used: Tealgun, wrenchbaron, and bigrose. There's a little bit of plot and background but it sort of fades away as I decide to make it more ambient since most ZZT-style games contain too much.

Made For: 
Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5 (Mar 2010)


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Wow! What a bushrood

Wow! What a bushrood production! Crazy effects, I had no idea any of these things were possible in zzt. or even the plastic engine thingy you used. I really liked the part with all the faces that keep changing until they stop. I thought I was supposed to remove everything from the board when that happened, I thought that was interesting.

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I'd missed this before. I'm

I'd missed this before. I'm really impressed, especially toward the end, with the rapid-fire imagery.

I still can't believe you're using Plastic. It's amazing.