Out of Space

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You took too much [DRUG] and missed the shuttle launch. Or maybe you're too early? It's really hard to tell. Maybe you shouldn't have taken all of that [DRUG].

Meander about the valley with [WASD]

Observe the perfect harmony of the world with [MOUSE]

Contemplate the meaning of existence with [ENTER]

Download standalone win/mac here for full screen experience


or play sad tiny shrimpy web embed version above

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make http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/files/OutOfSpace_Web.html the game link and upload the file here and make it the game file. Just look at those trees and that sun. I'd hate to pass this up. make it dot exe compatible.

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Ok I will try that. I know

Ok I will try that. I know nothing about how this site works!

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I really like the music and

I really like the music and colors! Does the rocket ever blast off?

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Thanks! The rocket does not

Thanks! The rocket does not blast off. It was going to but I didn't get around to implementing it.

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This was incredible and made me super happy :D I was a little confused how much of this was intentional (onpxtebhaq rssrpg? Pbhyq abg pyvzo hc bagb cyngsbez? "enzc" gb yrsg znqr vg nccrne V pbhyq ynobevbhfyl pyvzo bagb cyngsbez, ohg nsgre ercrngrq nggrzcgf V pbhyq abg fhpprrq? "ragre" qvq abguvat nccnerag?) but I didn't really care.

By the way, the mac version in your RAR is broken, it just crashes. This is because the RAR file format ate the flag that allows the mac to figure out that your application is an application. Players can fix this by navigating to the OutOfSpace_Mac folder in Terminal and running:

chmod +x outofspace.app/Contents/MacOS/NasaJam

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Also I couldn't find the [DRUG] button

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Everything is intentional.

Everything is intentional. Everything is glitch. Ok the stupid strobing when you go to full screen mode is not intentional but that's about it. I have no idea what all that stuff in the parenthesis is about so congratulations, now I am the one who is confused.

If you know how I can fix the mac crash but rezipping in a different format or something I can do that.

[DRUG] button is deprecated. DRUG is enabled by default

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Decode the stuff in

Decode the stuff in parentheses using ROT13. It's basically there to mask spoilers.