The Blob Family

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This is a sequel to Dodge Bouncing Balls. In this game, Alliteration Parley must puzzle out the identity of each of the bellyballs on screen. Use the sonar, carefully observe their responses, and then tag them with the correct colour to win.

This is inspired by Liquisity, Pac-Man, Hundreds and Finderseek.


Arrow keys - Same as WASD
WASD - Same as DAWS
DAWS - Move Parley.
Click - Select weapon, use weapon.
Q on title screen - switch to different colouration. It's intended for colour-blind players, but I don't know how well it works...

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An event


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This is so incredibly

This is so incredibly clever, but so difficult and demanding! I could only solve the first 5 levels, after which the speed of deduction required surpassed what I was capable of. I actually felt more at ease on the stylistically different boss level, I almost wish it had gone on longer. Nice controls joke, too.