Burp Forever

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Made for #OneGameAMonth - March 2013.

(NOTE: Temporarily hosting this on Glorious Trainwrecks until I can get a site up.)

Umm, this is basically Pac-Man except:

- You're an actual pizza.
- The mazes are randomly generated.
- All the sounds are burps.
- There's the option to make the maze really large.

The maze generator could use some work... but I might be interested in working on this thing some more.

Extra credits: The Pac-Man Dossier, for documenting the ghost behavior in the original Pac-Man.

Edit: Added another step to the maze generation algorithm to create more interesting mazes with less 1x1 blocks.


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The win effect in this

The win effect in this really blew me away.

By the way, I'm impressed by your ability to keep up with this. I set out to do #OneGameAMonth and failed abysmally.

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heh, fun re-make! the large

heh, fun re-make! the large maze mode is amusing. reminds me of some of the more colourful, recent pac-man reboots.

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Yeah, this one was a lot of fun

The production values that went into this, menu, layout, etc, and the spinning piggy of love if you click the exe instead of loading the .love is great. The effects everywhere, especially when you get the powerup are enough to get you to blink a couple times and make sure you're not just seeing trails. You could get a lot of use out of this. you can be a bee too. I of course just played the small mode since large shows oddly on my screen, and runs a bit slow for whatever reason. netbookhitis. The only thing that would top this off is a crazy animated gif to show the board to life, but let the lack of it be incentive enough to pick it up and check it out yourself.