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RESPECT! is our first submission to Klik of The Month.
RESPECT! all the children.
RESPECT! is all we want.
RESPECT! is all we deserve.
RESPECT! and sock puppets.

Special thanks for our friends that sugested the themes Sock Puppets and Respect:

Alexandra Pernau
José Telmo

Helena Soares, Neilrônico, Yves Albuquerque
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An event


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Love the art style and

Love the art style and music. Took me a while to figure out the game: smack the "bad" hand to make it change direction so it doesn't smack the children? Wasn't able to get the timing down to get one the positive side of the scale.

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Yeah! That was the intent.

Yeah! That was the intent. :) But the playability is quite broken... We weren't able to get a positive score either. hehehe