MvsM (Man versus Machine)

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Game File: 

A demo of a quick action stick shooter.
Be the man to best the machines.

Use the mouse to aim bullets and grenades.
Basic WASD movement

Exit the level through the door to win

Created in MMF2

Press "P" at the title screen to play

Lowered file size.
Added room and green keycard.
New Boss

Made For: 
An event


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Could I see the .MFA for

Could I see the .MFA for this? Wanna study it so I can learn more about the movements and things.

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Here it is


I realize some of the collisions are still buggy (grenade power up and Jumper)

I thought I would get some feedback while I was fixing stuff.

Let me know if the upload didn't work.

Thanks in advance for feedback.

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i have ruined your good game

i have ruined your good game with this

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By no means is it ruined. You definitely have the right idea.

I like the change in resolution. It gives a better overall impression.
Also the difficulty is good. More like what levels further on will feel like.

As far as bosses I was thinking more along the lines of a metal slug or mega man style boss.
Yours felt more like Contra. Which worked well.

You are more than welcome to post yours as a remake.
Maybe it would generate more feedback.

Thanks again for your take.

What did you use to get your fie size so low. 70mb to 15mb. That's quite a bit.

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Well, I meant ruined more as

Well, I meant ruined more as in the stupid bits like the terribly made codec scenes and the boss battle just being a huge stretched picture. (Not to mention the glitches).

But, yeah. I did make this semi-serious so i could see what I could do with the engine.

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Thx for the help

Thanks for the help.
Changing the music format and adding the boss really made a difference.
If you (or anyone) knows someone who could convert this to flash for me let me know.