Run Around And Kill Everything!


[UPDATE: I created a post-compo version with sound effects, music, and a lot less enemies! ]

Use your mouse to make your character (the green rectangle) run around the screen. Avoid the many, many Enemies (the red rectangles) - they will kill you if they touch you!

Click the left mouse button to shoot bullets (the pink rectangles) in the direction that you are moving. Bullets will kill Enemies they touch, and can kill many Enemies in a straight line! The faster your character is moving, the faster the bullets will fly!

Now Run Around And Kill Everything!!!

(This game requires that you have the Silverlight 2 web browser plug-in installed on your computer. This is a free, quick download from Microsoft).


This is my first ever entry into the Klik of the Month Klub.
I discovered (too late!) that because I have Windows 7 64-bit, I can not use the Klik N Play tool. Instead I made a game in Silverlight. Original version done in 90 minutes in time for the 2am (London time) deadline. Final version done 45 minutes later.

Here is my work log (in London time, so 00:00 midnight is 4pm Pacific time) :

00:18 Got home from party, and downloaded Klik & Play.
00:27 Searched for info on running KNP on 64-bit Windows. Found it will take hours to resolve. Looked for alternatives.
00:35 Decided to make a Silverlight game in 90 minutes! Made a copy of the barebones Engine2D_Test solution.
01:05 Player rectangle follows mouse cursor smoothly. Other rectangles follow player smoothly.
01:45 Enemies and bullets! Home stretch!
02:00 Submitted a few revisions of the game.
02:15 Submitted a few screenshots. Changed the game name to "Run Around And Kill Everything!". Added more tags.
02:40 Final refinements to gameplay completed, and game resubmitted.

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Nice I guess...

Well, it took me a while to figure out I could shoot, and as far as I can tell, there's no way to "win"...

...still better than my 2 hour game though...

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Square Genocide: Game of the

Square Genocide: Game of the Year Edition


That is a great game name! Are you going to copyright it? ;-)

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Moving and shooting faster if the mouse was farther away was a great touch.

I ended up spamming shots at very low speed 360 degrees around the player was a good way to get a low shot count, and with slower bullets it was easier to run baddies into them.

Good use of mouse movement.