Make a Twine Game in 40 Minutes


Make a Twine Game in 40 Minutes: An intense aesthetic design select-em-up, now available!

*Mouse's underside: roll it around a flat surface to control the on-screen arrow.
*Mouse's left pressure plate: deploy a C.L.I.C.K charge, used to activate the ancient Hyper-Link artifacts that you may encounter on your quest.

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Best entry IMHO.

Wow, I wasn't expecting a twine game at all. Nicely done, and definitely the best thing submitted thus far for this event.


An interesting Twine entry. I have heard about Twine, and seen a few games made with it - I will have to try my hand at it someday.

I also looked at your previous game, GraveDig. That has an intriguing story! I really enjoyed it.

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Ahh, I love the meta of

Ahh, I love the meta of this! Great idea and execution.