Bitches don't know bout my vorticons


So i couldn't think up a game for this one
Kind of like a "where are they now"
And it was kind of obvious to me that if Keen has a yorp
then McMire should own a garg but then i felt maybe
he should own a shockshund as it's more doglike
so he owns both because whatever


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Rumor has it some people

Rumor has it some people don't know about them.

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Smedis2 is seemingly one

Smedis2 is seemingly one such person?

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I'm aware this is one huge

I'm aware this is one huge Commander Keen (My first avatar WAS some fan drawing of him anyways) joke, but, just... What? Commander Keen and memes....just what?

(oh and ps why isn't there a dopefish in a fishtank in the background of one)
(pss i am trying so hard to prove that i know about this but I DO SO IWHAKPJLCIDSJCSDLKJC)

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TBH I would've been very

TBH I would've been very surprised if you didn't know it. Just wasn't sure how else to interpret.

I had to look up McMire though I don't remember him at ALL