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embarressing yet amusing twine memoir detailing the day celebrating my birth for the 18th time in an over dramatic and silly fashion

sure why not

2018 Extra Notes: Oh boy here we go. So, I believe I was going to make a second version of this game which was less silly and more accurate to the whole event, hence the (1) in the title when you play it etc. Either that or it was to be the other way round...not sure, can't remember. But anyway, that never happened, in true "linhat" fashion. But yeah this is a fairly exaggerated and excited recount of my 18th birthday which, amongst other things, include side notes about certain terms used and also a handy tip on how to correctly spread Marmite onto buttered toast. It's a laugh, innit?

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happy birthday

happy birthday

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captial letters and insane

capital letters and insane terminology make mundane things awesome.