The Game Which We Need Forget

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Uploaded this for Snapman.

Taken down from the games section because I didn't want to get anyone mad.

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. . .

I don't want to start a shitstorm more than anybody else, I just missed how things resolved themselves? I was halfway through writing a response to the original post when it went missing is all.

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What was the original

What was the original response?

(i probably don't want to know)

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I accidentally cleared it from my clipboard, but it was something like this:

The indie scene has had a focus right now on the outsider identities of certain developers and the power of democratizing game development tools. So what? Don't let yourself succumb to jealousy over the attention they get by bringing new perspectives to games. What they're doing is important. It's also important to not let your perception of others' success diminish your own sense of self-worth.

Let them do what they do, keep doing what you want to do, everybody make games.

You've covered this game in apologies, so it's clear that you're not entirely sure of your thoughts on this topic yet. Spend some time thinking about how this is going to make other people feel, and what you were feeling about yourself when you made it. Then, if you want, you could make another game about what you've learned from this experience. Don't let things end on such a negative, confrontational, and self-pitying sour note.