Ultimate Smash Bros: Klik "N" Play Edition

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This is a two player game. The skater is controlled with the arrow keys. The golfer is controlled with the mouse. The first person to fall off the space shuttle or reach 100 percent damage loses.

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A game similar to this

In my PC i got a game similar to this i got on Klik n Play Korner named Super Smash Bros. Awesome, it's a "LOL" fangame out of Smash Bros. which every feature seems to be broken, here's the plot of the story of the game i narrated:
In the beggining a burglar is against the pirate while the narrator narrates a fictional opening like "one year ago..." until the gotlucky.wav file ruined the opening narration, so then the adventure starts when the burglar runs in a ambush of Nurses holding a dead guy, the burglar goes through jesus and he tells to be a giant penguin, so he did a giant penguin and killed all the nurses, then the story pauses with a broken breakout game which you use the ball as a moon to break the suns (also named the targets), the paddle is a ocean (wtf?), so that is a broken breakout game, after the minigame, the penguin returns to the burglar state but then going to the ape state and he flees the chinese dragon beast and gets through a dark cave with eyes lurking. The story takes another break so opens a hi-gravity minigame which you have to save the dog in a Saturn-dodging mission, once the game loses or wins the story continues in the 3rd and last level, which you're not an ape but a normal person being chased by the pirate, the guy who is from the opening (remember?), after running away from the pirate around the room for 1200 milseconds, the normal guy finally forms into the yellow jogger and goes in a passable minigame which is a magical world, the yellow jogger first collects lots of moons, then once the moon bar is full, he shoots shitloads of rockets to the ice skater, after the minigame, the story ends with a credits cutscene about the pirate falling into a pit of leaves, after the credits, it goes on the screen which says "collect all 7 chaos emeralds!" with a huge pirate monochrome face resized, the text didn't contain the 7 chaos emeralds feature, it was going to be a feature which didn't contain.