I don't wanna dance with you girl, I just want to apree-sheee-aate

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Like sands through the wheel of time, so are the mixed metaphors, my relationship, and this sprawling bliggity-blog.

Chapter 5 is here, ladies and germs! Steer clear if you are at all hesitant about emphatically shaking hands WITH YOUR SOUL.

Johnny Charisma in: Viva Las Emotions! (Director's Cut)

The reason it's a directors cut is thusly: My original idea was to be able to choose all of the "inputs" before the game ended. Klik & Play, or Fickle & Play as I like to call it, had other ideas, throwing its digital hands up in the air(like it digitally just don't care) with General Protection Faults every time you chose a second item. SO, it ends after the first item. I left the previous conditional in there, so feel free to edit the game and see if you can make it work.

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