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"A love letter to Hexagon."
Game by Kevin Messman
Music by Andrew Gleeson (Get the OST here!)
Game Design Consultant: Jason Killingsworth
Timer font: Anna Anthropy
Special Thanks: Terry Cavanagh, Eve Sussman, Todd Polenberg

Made For: 
An event


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Hah, I like.

Hah, I like.

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Surely this was meant to be

Surely this was meant to be called Hexahedron? ;)

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25.92 seconds so far. Great

25.92 seconds so far. Great work! Love the aesthetics. Controls smoothly. Not sure if I have enough twitch skills to complete it, but I'll come back to it.

I like the music, but find the static noise/drum line distracting because it *almost* matches up with the cube disappearances at the start until it suddenly doesn't, leading me to expect a shallower difficulty curve unless I tune it out. At first, I even thought that it was an in-game sound cue that plays the moment a cube vanishes inside the sphere. A lot of the early game seems to be figuring out how the rate of cubes increases over time (going at full speed too early might lead to overshooting the gap, sometimes the layers overlap in a way that hides depth cues), so a driving track that doesn't match that rate increases the cognitive difficulty for me.

I'm sure you've already heard this, but I'm curious how it would play on something like an Oculus Rift.

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Seriously, you should totally do a 3D version of this. Just get a second camera in there and render to two side-by-side stretched viewports. Decoding the depth from all the parallax movement is cool, but stereoscopic cues would be awesome.

This game looks and plays like a scene out of Johnny Mnemonic. Hacking minigames should all look like this.

Oh, that's an interesting

Oh, that's an interesting thought. It took me a second to realize you thought the Rift might be interesting not because of how trippy the movement would feel but because of the improved depth perception.

I'd definitely be interested in trying it out, if I ever meet someone in town who has access to one?

It's definitely the biggest flaw, the difficulty in judging depth, and I totally missed how the music might provide some false cues.

In earlier experimentation I tried cuing the moment it's safe to turn (for a while I had the center sphere switching color to match the next cube's), but decided it was fruitless without either giving up the full range of angle variation or turning the cubes into spheres. (In retrospect, maybe I should have done the latter, but I a) was at that point still thinking of it as 'Hexahedron' [per excitemike's guess above!] and b) hadn't yet made the open rims as clearly marked as they are now, meaning the hard edges of the cubes were at that point crucial spatial cues themselves.)

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So good.


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absolutely phenomenal when

absolutely phenomenal

when can we expect to see super rotational? ;)

(or, if you like, super squareagon)

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I can't tell if it's better for me to think that I'm the ball rolling around, or if I'm moving the boxes around the cube.

Fascinating game! Nice work. I've not played the inspiration to this title, but I ought to seek it out now.

Any chance someone can make a play-through video of the game so us lesser beings can see what it's like once it reaches that elusive 60-second mark...? :)

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Very slick game! Nice

Very slick game! Nice tribute, and a challenging one at that. I'm going to be returning to this a lot to get better :)