Theme Event: Evil/Strange/Weird Artifacts

Sun, Jul 14 2013 05:00 PM
07/15/2013 - 01:00
07/21/2013 - 23:00

Ok so the backstory is that at my workplace we got this rubics cube with a hole in it and whoever had it on it's desk all quit the company so far, and now we are convinced it has evil powers and whatnot
and this remembered me of the whole SCP foundation thing, and urban legends in general and whatever

so the idea is:
come up with an artifact that affects things around it somehow or use the idea of an existing one whatever and make a game about it

(or just make a game about hobos stealing ice cream, i don't really care )

- as people are busy and everything: mockups are also accepted (aka just screenshot without game)
- just ideas of artifacts also ok
- special rule for twine games (you need to use the word 'sausage' in it if you do one -- extra points for using 'bellydance inspector' in context )
- special rule for knp games (you need to hide a dinosaur somewhere -- or not)
- overshoes

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Games made for Theme Event: Evil/Strange/Weird Artifacts


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yeah but you didnt say how

yeah but you didnt say how limited the artifact can be so im just gonna submit a picture of a jpeg that has a metric shitton of artifacts on it

cos im a cheating dick


cheating is encouraged

as usual

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damn you and your

damn you and your encouraging ways...!

ill get you some day

edit: so p. much the entire basis for this event is "do whatever the hell you like in this event just so long as it relates to artifacts in some shape or form" right


Can I use a dropped base idea that I started in another contest?


no problem

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I am evil hahahahaha

I am evil hahahahaha

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spambot is there

What the?

Why is there a spambot in this event?

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Is there any chat for this event ???

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There are basically always

There are basically always people idling in the IRC channel, but when you've got an event that's set up to take place over six days, I'd imagine it's kind of difficult to coordinate a time where everyone's going to be working on their project.

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Nevermind. :P

Oh nevermind.

I tought AmmarAlsharekh tought was a spambot.

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I finish my game

What next I will do ??

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It is Ok

I upload my game

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The return of Themed

The return of Themed Trainwreck Somedays?

Edit: Can you enable signups for this event?

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Can you PLAY as the evil

Can you PLAY as the evil artifact?


anything goes