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A game inspired by my childhood fear of our family home being swallowed by a sinkhole. Drop down the sides of the sinkhole onto ledges to reach your house while avoiding bats, snakes, moles and ghosts.

New version, V1.1.1, A Glorious Trainwrecks special edition with stage select and stage skip. Press F12 at the title screen for stage select. Press "s" while playing to skip screens.

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An event


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I like this game.

I like this game. Lots of fun, mean little moments. Do you have any other games online?

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Thank you

Thank you for trying my game, I appreciate the comments :).
I don't have any other games yet, this was my first attempt with game maker. My second game is almost done and will likely be up within the next few weeks.

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I can't believe i just went through all the 40 stages! very nice game. A bit challenging, but certainly not frustrating! I just wish there was a stage select screen.

Time: 17:58
Deaths: 107

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Thank you, glad you enjoyed

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Never considered a stage select mode, perhaps ill make an update.

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That would be neat. I had to

That would be neat. I had to give up somewhere in the thirties. There are probably too many levels for a one-sitting game, but the level design ideas don't get stale, so it would be nice to be able to play all of them.

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And here I was worried there

And here I was worried there weren't enough stages LOL. I'll whip up new version with a level select soon.

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New Version

There you go, new version with stage select and a stage skip button.


After years, I beat all forty stages.

Still one of my favourite games here. :)

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Oh wow! didn't see this comment till now, that's very cool, glad you enjoyed it!

i did 20 stages!

i did 20 stages!

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Very cool!