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A little bit of Pac-man, Dig Dug, Zelda, and Pet Cemetery.

Undo what you've done before time runs out.

Use arrow keys to move. Point and hold to reverse what you've done. Hit enter to pause. Hit F12 to toggle music off/on.

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An event


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Very nice concept! I like

Very nice concept! I like how the difficulty progress from very easy to somehow hard. Those red-eyed dudes are very tricky to dodge, but in a fair way. Is there a stage select password or something? because i couldn't finish the game in one run. but i guess a stage select wouldn't be welcome because of the time limit.

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Thank you for playing

Thank you for playing :-)
Glad to hear the red-eyes are fair, I tried to make them so. At one point the would just fly right straight at you, much too fast.
There's no stage select, but I set the F9 key as a stage skip. I was waiting for someone to ask before I mentioned it ;-)