Zombie Town

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Finally got my old games off my ancient laptop, time to upload them (!!)

Use your mouse. Kill the zombies in the first two rounds, avoid them in the next two. Avoid the zombies in the boss round and kill Dracula by touching him.

Made by me and my friend SPR9Monkey Games who doesn't have a GT account, I'll post his games if he makes any.

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An event


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ok while this is quite

ok while this is quite clearly a game you made when you were quite young, i have to say its really...well, poor.

the fact that its in installer form is really quite amusing, as if it were a proper big game.

the main problem with it is the fact that its just too easy to avoid the zombies as you can shift your dude all way to the top, thus instantly avoiding them.

also the fact that it asks for a donation is really rather cheeky.

(also if it took you a long time to make something like this then it was obviously your first time using it)

not being rude or sour or anything but yeah 3/10 mate