The Great Reha Soft Breakout Game DEMO

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Use your mouse.

This will be my last game I'll post in a while, because of personal things and also because I need to make more games!! I've posted them all.

So far I've made 9 games and posted them all.

I have many prototypes also but they're so bad they're not even a trainwreck. I won't post them.

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An event


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theres better ways to go

theres better ways to go about posting screenshots of your games than just print screening them.

i know its obviously easier for you to just print screen and save considering how many youve posted in such a short amount of time, but you could at least crop it down so its just the game window. (also why do you have such a massive border on your games that really doesnt look nice)

you have vista too, so that means you have access to a crop tool in mspaint. it really isnt that much trouble to just select the game area and click "crop".

its not really needed but it makes it look nicer and more presentable.

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Normally, I just open the

Normally, I just open the file in paint and crop the area the game screen's in.

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yeah, i make the games

yeah, i make the games fullscreen for various reasons

it is actually in i believe 600x800 but anyway it doesnt really matter