Evil Path

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RPG game with 4 ending story depend in your selection in game.

Ammar Alsharekh
Made For: 
An event


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Well, that wasn't a good try...

I don't think this is a trainwreck, it's a game you made for another website which is a good game and is not related to this website.

You may have not known what is this site, this site is used for posting 90% horrible games like the yellow jogger series, games that uses the Klik n Play libs, etc.

Also this game is not even related to the Evil/Strange/Weird Artifacts.


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trainwrecks don't have to

trainwrecks don't have to use the klik sprites you know

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A wide variety of games are

A wide variety of games are welcome here, even more polished ones! Language quirks and slightly mismatched graphics make this one fit right in here, I feel.

With regards to lacking Evil/Strange/Weird Artifacts themes, this site will often default to a currently running event when submitting a game. Some users find this confusing or forget to change it, so maybe that's what happened here. But even if it was intentional, pretty much anything fits within mutantleg's extremely loose guidelines for the event.


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ohhhh....sorry, i was

ohhhh....sorry, i was uploading my game i've finished, but i got a low internet which is slow than 2.00 KBs because i'm using a internet pendrive in vacation.

With that ultra-low connection, i would only surf for few in internet, and i have to play games, make sprites, some games and do something.
I would may release my game when i get back from vacation.

EDIT: That game was awesome, as haves a system that makes the game mind-confusing: a devil & angel system which you want to kill or don't kill a character, i have never seen a feature like this.

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loads of games have done the

loads of games have done the mechanic where you get to choose between killing someone or not.

postal 2 is a good example. for a more hard hitting example, try jesse venbrux's "execution"

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My game is old sword make you evil and this game only publish in this website

I start to create idia at 15/7
I Start Coding at 17/7

This game made only for this Competition

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first, i don't hate this

first, i don't hate this game.

second, learn some grammar, i really get confused.

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I will and I am sorry

I will and I am sorry

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Be kind, please, he has made

Be kind, please, he has made it clear that English is not his first language.

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This is awesome. I was

This is awesome. I was pumped from seeing the screenshot for it! The game did not let me down. I like how many endings there are, although I've only been able to figure out three of them.

I'm impressed that you made this in Unity, considering how hard 2D stuff is in it.

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thanks man.
If you are using 2d toolkit it will be eazy

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Ah, I had no idea such a

Ah, I had no idea such a thing existed! I'll keep this in mind if I get into 2D Unity :)