The Super Mozart Adventure

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WARNING: I have posted the mirror to the game link because i have slow internet, don't kill me for that plz.

Finally, the game has arrived, with awesome features like:

: Over 60+ cutscenes!
: Over 300+ frames made!
: Improvered gameplay!
: A crossover!
: Long storyline!
: Spoofs!
: Inspiring SHPDMBGWL4 (kinda) and Black Squirrel!

Guide Mozart in a world of randomness and a nonsense adventure, with characters seen in the Klik n Play series and even the other games made with the clickteam games, minigames, best moments, friends to save, etc.

Version 1.2 adds the following features:
-Easier versions of: Level 4-3, Level 8-2, Level 8-3, Level 9-1, Level 14-1, Level 14-3, Level 15, Level 16-1, Level 16-2, Level 16-3
-Removed Mode 7 Ex object to make the lag gone.

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This is a masterpiece. I

This is a masterpiece. I can't believe the sheer size of it! I didn't think it was possible to make programs that big that would work, but maybe MMF2 fixed issues in earlier programs. I'm starting level 4 myself, I just wanted to give you feedback before getting through the whole game!

I love the composure of objects in a lot of cutscenes, like the one with Mozart after the prison scene. There's so many smart little things here, objects being combined in ways that make them look like one whole. I never thought of doing that or anybody doing that, I've only ever had different objects hit each other, not combine!

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My programming skills are

My programming skills are being better than mine's first game.

Incase you still can't beat the level 4 bosses, jump to level 5 using this password in the first frame (the warning screen) or in the menu bar of the top of the window: 689175

I'm stuck on or in level 2

I like what I am playing so far but I'm a bit stuck in more than one way.... I don't wanna spoil it for everyone else but there shoudl be more PWs... i jotted down the one last time.. i've been trying to get outta here, but yeah, i don't wanna press f2, that goes too far back and this game is big big. so i'll post what is probably a spoiler free screenshot, i cropped out the plot text. I liked the rpg battle though it might've been a bit tedious learning curve, but it's your game, and was going through pretty good till here..

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It's the animation's

It's the animation's fault.

I tried beating Level 2 with my immagination, jump with mozart holding the wand (no key to press, the platform movement can use collisions without a mask), if you think you still can't beat level 2, i'm afraid that i could spoil the level 3 password, oh fine here's the 3rd level password: 926483

In the 3rd level, you have to shoot the aliens incoming, then sneak on the battlefield and fight the aliens in the base as Ninjaman.

And for users who stuck in level 4 fighting the Pirate 2 times and the t-rex, use the 5th level password: 689175

I found a tactic usable for level 3's beginning.

Yeah, so it's really difficult on the truck. try jumping to the front of the truck, and then you'll have more movement to dodge the lasers.. This came very handy.

The lag with the 3d effects makes 6-2 kinda unplayable.

with luck i'm able to get hte 2nd thing that shoots knives at you, but it's so laggy you can't keep a fire at it and uhh, everything hits.. are there some directx 3d effects lagging the thing up? I don't think it's one big animation because it'd not go over so well, Despite some flaws, I've been enjoying it, but this I can't pass no matter how many times I redo. -b

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I tried fixing that but it

I tried fixing that but it doesn't work.

That background scrolling is the 7 mode ex object used.

in-game music?

It'd be cool if you were to citate the musical credits, or link to them offshore. There's some good tracks involved. I also like how you're playing them through a lot of times. In the future a play through frame on the music I believe is possible in mmf2. This should be utilized on the swampie levels for continuity. That way you hear more than the first 15 seconds before being swampied, etc. But yeah, this whole thing might need an faq / walkthrough eventually.

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1. idk how. 2. I would

1. idk how.

2. I would really make a walkthrough, but not now, i have slow internet.

You don't know how?

I'd be happy to be the first to reveal the information. in your workspace toolbar after loading a project/game/whatever.. there's the filename followed by all the frames.. if you can't see your workspace toolbar, go to the menu above for the toolbars or simply press CTRL W if it's not visible. This is in mmf2, see, but I'm pretty sure it applies in TGF2 as well. Right click the name of the project.. go to properties. Sometimes you have to click around on the menu to see anything, but eventually text and selection boxes will appear, i don't know if it's my netbook or it's everywhere. But yeah click the third submenu at the top.... RUNTIME OPTIONS, looks like a folder with a play or > button... and make sure multisamples and play sounds over frames is checked.

Naturally it changes a lot of things, but it's easy to get the hang of.. And it works for music/midi files/whatever. In frames where you don't want it to keep restarting the midi, i usually make a blank frame and then start the midi/music and push it to the next frame, but certainly there's a better way out there somewhere. And also if you've got a sound file going on, as in wav / whatever and don't want it interrupted, make sure it's uninterruptable, that's in the add sample dialogue later, but that's another subjectmatter entirely

I added visual aids as goto guides below Click on them for true joy in life.

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I knew that thing before!

Thanks for the info dude!!!

I'm adding this comment into my idea list.

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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The windows level was pretty

The windows level was pretty funny! i got stuck on the walls for majority of time playing. maybe you could use an invisible collision detector? but that would ruin the fun that is climbing the walls with the wand. the mode 7 3d thing at Calirfonia (4-1)<\del> The ninjaman vs aliens stage was amazing, would you mind giving me the source material/code/frame used in it for me to take a look? (now i want the scrolling-mode-7-3d-thing)

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Well, i couldn't... I can't

Well, i couldn't...

I can't upload a source code of my game due to slow internet i have in vacation.

So i prefer climbing with the wand, i'm sorry... :(

If you're stuck on the wall, retry the entire level carefully, well that's the only way. :(

I'm gonna concur with FVM here

That level 4-3 was really great. It lagged a little bit, but it wasn't too bad... 4-1 and I think 6-2 lagged enough to where it was almost unplayable, well for me 6-2 was. I just happened to have a lot of luck in 4-1.

But 4-3 was wow. I guess my favorite stage in the game was the entire stage 5, but that's me. I liked the computer aspect of it, and motzart in it.. I also like the hangout pad they have.