Quasimodo's Ultimate Negotiation

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In this exciting simulation, you, Quasimodo, must get into the saloon.
However, a fearsome gorrila will not let you in, as he is the bouncer.

Use your skills to enter the building, and get a few drinks!


Left and Right: Move
Shift: Jump (no use)
Bump into the gorrila to negotiate.

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An event


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whats with the sudden trend

whats with the sudden trend of telling the controls in the description of the game

also wheres the surprise of the game if you're going to directly say its unbeatable


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i was actually agaisnt

i was actually agaisnt mentioning that

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nice one, btw i have

nice one, btw i have uploaded the player 1 sprites you needed.

I for one encourage all the info

You've got the controls under, the sypnosis and the lowdow., That is very nice work you've put here. That way people who want to review it that aren't insiders of the klik keys know how to do it, and it's quite a fun smedis game. I like the concept of negotiating. And it's all done in Klik n Play. What a koncept. Well done. I have been trying hard to build up production values and such in all my releases but I'm always reminded how a little fun story telling and some quick work can get the trick done just as well as anything else, and you're left to move to the next one. The big question is why the gorilla won't let Quasimodo in. Did he have some bad stuff occur in the past, or is it simply just they're overbooked and it's an exclusive club? What would you have done in Quasimodo's place? Sometimes you can't negotiate a situation through and that's the point of this cautionary tale.

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If the gorilla would not let

If the gorilla would not let quasimodo in, he would may be the evil owner of the saloon.

Yes, that's

a very very interesting point. This has to be let out there. There's big room for a sequel too, or a series of games where Quasimodo is deprived of certain areas of the city, all because.. well, they don't really explain it here.