Commander Keen: The War of The Tongies

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I edited the demo to make it into a full version, so making the release of the full version of my novel.
This game contains 2 more macros used than in the demo version.
I know this game is 70% short, i couldn't do it longer. Here's the node map:

The story goes: Keen gets his brother Jeem while the really evil characters named the Tongies goes to brainwash Jeem into a monster.

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An event


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Lots to read here!

I don't know what you're talking about at 70% short, this is quite an adventure! Interesting twists on the whole Commander Keen format.

Also by the way, you can upload the compiled HTML file to dropbox, and link to it directly, so people don't have to download a zip to play it :)

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I'll do it on the next twine

I'll do it on the next twine game i'll make.

Yesterday i watched a documentary how when the sun explodes so i am making another twine game based on the argument as a science fiction.
I'll use the hint you gave to me :)

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