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Welcome to Trainwreck Tutorials, your one stop for a tutorial on how to make trainwrecks, this page contains some 10% complex tutorials on how to add and create features and stuff for your trainwreck. (Logo by DrBlowhole20, permission by SpindleyQ for making the page and putting it in the Main wiki homepage.) If you want a tutorial here, you must give me permission by adding a title of your tutorial, a text file to the tutorial and a category too, once you got permission, you can do the page, once made the page, you cannot ask another time to give permission, that's only once one time to do ask permission! But only any clickteam software tutorials are allowed.

---GENERAL TUTORIALS, These tutorials are just introductions of something (like game creation starting, introduction to things, etc.)---

The many tools of Clickteam by DrBlowhole20 (Tutorial WIP)

---PROGRAMMING TUTORIALS, these tutorials show you how to program things (like AI, player commands, etc.)---

Stop n Swopping by DrBlowhole20 (Tutorial WIP)

---MAPPING TUTORIALS, these tutorials show you how to create levels and maps---

---WRITING TUTORIALS, these tutorials are for writing stories and plots, which gives in objects, characters, etc.---

---GRAPHICS TUTORIALS, these tutorials shows you to draw graphics, pixel sprites, and use them---

Introduction to Kliparts by DrBlowhole20 (Tutorial WIP)

---SOUNDS TUTORIALS, these tutorials goes same for the graphics, but shows you how to compose them in a program with MIDI or chiptunes, and use the music existing in MP3, WAV, OGG or MIDI---

---OTHER TUTORIALS, these tutorials are for any thing that doesn't go in any argument (like making an installer, etc.)---

Using the powerful Install Creator Wizard by DrBlowhole20 (Tutorial WIP)