Rumia Virtual Pet


Take care of your very own darkness yokai with the Rumia Virtual Pet.
Things to keep in mind about your own darkness yokai.
She needs food, so feed her plenty of meat.
She needs water, so make sure to give her plenty of water.
Darkness yokai feel better when it is not very bright out, so if she's feeling sick, turn the lights low.

Keep track of only three things, health, hunger, and water.
Click on the light bulb button to toggle lights on or off.
Click on the food button to place some manga meat on the table for your darkness yokai.
Click on the water button to refill your outdoor well.

Please do not let your darkness yokai die.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2


rhetoricstu's picture

10 dat of xman

10 dat of xman

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I feel like you're

I feel like you're perverting the intention of the event at this point. Unless this was a way of bookmarking the game to comment properly later or something, in which case I've now stopped you from being able to edit, thwarting your precious plans. Take that?

Anyway, this game is pretty cool despite my only cursory knowledge of Touhou. Rumia seems awfully fragile and in need of unwavering attention, weird considering I got the impression she was some kind of immortal demon. She never seems to sleep, too. And is that human meat she's eating?

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I like the mechanics of this

I like the mechanics of this game and the subtle odour of camphor it gives off when you set fire to it.

Also she spends all her time eating and drinking that's some metabolism. What is she, Bacchus God of the Feast?

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I know, right

But seriously, Bacchus is just a cheap rip-off of Dionysus. Fight me!