Terror Duck

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Game File (Linux): 

Arrows + X
Fly through randomly generated blocks and avoid missiles and robots. Also fire missiles out of your mouth.
Made with haxepunk.

Took closer to a day than 2hrs sorry. Technical difficulties mostly.

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Love the duck sprite :-) Are

Love the duck sprite :-)
Are missiles supposed to be randomly appearing?

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Thanks! And yes, but

And yes, but randomly appearing with some degree of closeness to the player.

an exhibitionistic admiration befalls us all

how to make it move in action depends on you.. the size of it depends on you. this game is gorgeous. I played it a little bit and it ran smoothly in full screen and scaled as i saw fit, and you didn't have to search ofr it.. it found you. So can you though. you can let it find you today because it's special and look at that duck, don't you want to see it in action? obviously plastered up with ornaments that don't just look, they do. Take a trip to the wild side, flip the coin, adjust the cloth of loin that covers your groin and experience this message that befalls us today. The only thing it could need is some food to eat once in a while, but the shiny gold coins seem to do pretty good too.