In the old spirit of things


We used to post elite buttons and ad banners for all sorts of stuff. Tacky sometimes, extravagant other times, but this made everything come together, and I don't think anyone every really clicked on them, but sometimes they were flashy so you'd stare at them for a while. As a slight promo for my newest release, I had some of the characters get together to huddle up for the banner shot, but it got messy, so it became a collage instead, blinking at a nice slow rate. I'll also as a promotion be bringing a couple of the old games out of the vault into a similarly on-topid evil/strange/weird artifacts for those to enjoy. <- a link to bumcharles.

And even though Hustlin and Huggin is more of a spiritual sequel and Bumcharles doesn't necessarily need one, it just felt right to continue the plot development of bumcharles and give this one more of an edge than others. < - Even the style is the same.

So yeah, do enjoy, I hope to release soonish, how realistic I'm not sure. Take care.

Oh, and an edit for more ug points.. you gotta click on this to really see the banner in its fullness. You don't have anything to say or don't have to say anything, just excitement is all.