Barrels 'o Doom (Doom WAD)

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I feel weird for having to revive this event, but I think it's the most appropriate place to post a Doom WAD. Inspired by Doom II's map23: Barrels 'o Fun, this is my map01's replacement: Barrels 'o Doom. The architeture itself isn't that beautiful, but it has lots and lots and lots and lots and lots 'o barrels. Try playing this with Brutal Doom for maximum fun if your machine is capable of handling all the fuzz.

Also, I made a tiny little MIDI track to fit the map's mood: CHAOS and destruction.

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Fun map! I like how it

Fun map! I like how it drowns you in ammo 'cause it's like: hey, just enjoy all the barrels, it's not meant to be a big up ammo challenge! I like this a lot, I think that most of the original Doom levels didn't use enough barrels. There's so much you can do with them!!

I liked the ending, it was fun. Only complaint I have about this level is maybe it could do with even MORE barrels... The level design is good though, interesting rooms, cool outdoor area.

Also, rockin' midi!