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Tim Schafer has a way-back machine and psychic powers

He read my mind then went back a decade or two so he could come out now and steal my thunder. Damn you Tim Schafer and your sexy game designing skills, who else have you stolen your Midas Touch from?

I forget where I was on the internet the other day when I saw concept art for this but my pants exploded when my penis extended longer than a neo-classical solo. Now, this game will be awesome but not as awesome as Manowar: The Kings Of Metal, The Game that I had planned out in school. It was hella-rad, you controlled each member of the band in a post apocalyptic frozen wasteland full of huge castles and you killed armies of posers. It was Dynasty Warriors before it had existed only it was much better and hugely epic. It had to use voxels like Outcast since the HD generation didn't exist yet so I couldn't have high-poly landscapes. It didn't have a set storyline either, as you went through the game it would generate your own epic poem which would then be the story for the game. I was ahead of my time, using procedurally generated content long before it became en vogue. It even has support for that Sidewinder joypad that you could tilt and only worked in that bike game, Motocross Mania or whatever it was called. Motion control a decade before SONY ripped that idea off for their SixAxis and I wanted to use it for a hero pose system.

I should send my ideas on a napkin to Tim Schafer, so that he can create the game that I never could.