The 2009-2010 Shame Collection!

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This is my first game to contain games made with Game Maker.

Are you bored? Do you hate the present games (for joke)? Well, not late, there's a collection of badly made games in Game Maker: The 2009-2010 Shame Collection! This game contains over 20+ games with annoying levels, poor grammar, ridiculous story, misplaced music, etc. made around 2 years: the 2009 and the 2010, which doubles the fun! The more you play these, the more you will get ridiculous fun! Plus there's a bonus feature which will let you get excited: THE ENCLOSED BONUS PACK! But it is locked with a hidden password, find out more by reading the readme of the locked bonus pack.

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Bear was pretty cool, love the twist of some bosses you just don't touch, others you do, love the rain and the cryptic messages in each level, the scroll to the next level thing is a nice transition. Oh yeah, the controls were a nice dialog.

nice giving bobomb a spot here, can hardly see his groovin.

Bowser having his own adventure's pretty cool, this one's hard. I liked the concept, the dialogue / ending

coll guy was awesome, everything about it. I wish there were more zoomed in levels like the last one, and the plot twist / tie in at the end is strangely cool, or coll. That's a sprite for generations, and a hero that wears 3d glasses. Did I see a deep and spiritual sprite from wolfenstein? I might've. The way the music flows in this and later on knowing I could shoot with Z

Duky Attack is little scrolling mini game, not much to say about it. It looks like it could be expanded into something great. Nothing like the duck hunt duck getting revenge.

Zelda's Adventure is super tough, but I liked it. The effects and the way it just kinda flows. The blue ghost and magenta/red ghosts can be brutal though if they get into a pod that you need to get trippy smiley faces out of though.

That's all so far. If these are your first attempts at gamemaker, they're not bad. You advertise a good medium.

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Bear seems to be my first

Bear seems to be my first maze game ever made in Game Maker, the bosses were not well. And yes, thanks Game Maker for doing the rain for me.

Bowser's Adventure seems to be frustating for me, the bosses seems hard, you were right. :P

Anyways i know who's the protagonist, it may be that guy from Zombies ate my Neighbors!.

Duky Attack was even my first shooter i made, it's a spriteswap of the Platypus engine for Game Maker.

So i hope you liked it, i thought you can't get it :P
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