Atrium (DEMO)

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My first ZZT game i'm working on.

Story (this is 80% not mentioned in the game):
You are the smiley face who is the protagonist of ZZT (Zoo of Zero Tolerance), you are heard in the news that criminal people who are part of the gigantic prison dungeon place named Atrium, are kidnapping people and taking them to the dungeon, thus he prepares to survive, but the criminals were genius so they figured out who the smiley is hiding, then he got kidnapped and taken to the Atrium, you are then forced to be a slave, but accidentaly the criminals gave you ammo, they runned away. Then you're up to escape the dungeon, however, you're approached with 100 floors, which appears to be a endless dungeon, are you gonna escape it, or be punished?

The demo contains one set of 10 stages of full challenges while the full versions contains 10 sets of 10 stages with more challenges, more fun and more madness.

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An event


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Neat ZZT game... can't get

Neat ZZT game... can't get enough of those. There's some fun ideas here, and the levels are well laid out, but tooo many mazes! Looking forward to another 90 screens... I like all the texts in this, very ZZT.

This game is cool

And at ease captures the essence and true spirit of ZZT elegantly, with gusto. I like the scrolls that taunt you the best. It's nice that you naturally made this without the dangerous ZZT corrector influences, you just made it as you see fit without the outside world giving you a formula to stick to. This is the one release I've seen that truly defines your wisdom. I'd like to see a bigger world, and more text in it. I think you've got something going here. Keep it up if you're willing to do it, or if you want to follow the tradition of products that never get completed where the time budget and flow balloons so much that you're stuck in a stasis.

But yeah, I think your voice has a lot to show them. Course I'm not gonna pressure you to do it, as zzt's a hands-on time consuming venture. Anyway, congratulations on what you've got though and thanks for giving us another add-on of the present.