ZZF: Zoo of Zero Festival

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Sat, Aug 10 2013 04:30 PM
08/10/2013 - 16:30
08/23/2013 - 09:30

ZZT (Zoo of Zero Tolerance, the game from the creator of Jazz Jackrabbit) is back more than ever with a festival from Glorious Trainwrecks:

ZZF (Zoo of Zero Festival)! It's a event where you make some cool games in ZZT, nuff said, i can't describe this more.

Games made for ZZF: Zoo of Zero Festival

NameCreatedBysort iconScreenshotComments
Atrium (DEMO)08/09/2013 - 10:29Johny L.AtriumScreenshot.png2
Cobalt Carousel06/17/2012 - 06:02xcobalt.png0
The Self Esteem of Viovis11/28/2013 - 23:24xesteemy.gif3
Outer Emergency07/02/2012 - 16:06xouteremergency.png4
Ur Mom's Cheerios AKA Superugh11/29/2013 - 00:59xsuperugh.gif0
July 4th 2003: happpy id4 fda,mnit08/02/2012 - 15:44xjuly4.gif0


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Only two people contributed?

Well, that was a wash. I guess nobody wants to use ZZT anymore.

Maybe next time we could do a single-board ZZT compo? If nothing else, it would probably give people an excuse to use ZZT 4.x. :P

Well, sometimes a festival can be like that, it can come and go

The caravan is around for the freaks who want to jump on though. You have to get there fast though or it could get lost. I'd say this season's festival was an overall success. And it was without any advertisement or plugging.. The last uhh, festival had some hype/plugging. It all just happened so fast with all the other events that it can be tough keeping up see.

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Best promotion

Best promotion ever.
Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

Just feel like pointing this out

ZZT was created by Tim Sweeney, Jazz Jackrabbit was created by Cliff Bleszinski. Saying they have the same creator because they have the same publisher is akin to saying that Wolfenstein 3D was made by the creator of Blake Stone. :v

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This was a good reason to

This was a good reason to register on the site. Welcome!

Good call

That was well put. And a good way to break the silent gap. Very deep and spiritual.

Man I hope this festival never ends

All the lights and blinky things and other things, it's like you never want to stop the ZZF. The ZZF is nonstop that it captivates you and makes you want to move to the light like a moth to a light bulb, oh man those moths are so annoying. I for one think drblowhole is packing up the events something fierce but it doesn't mean that this one should be overlooked. Just think of all the great fairs and funnel cakes and salesman you'd see. It's a wonderful journey, take a friend, a spouse, an aunt or a nephew. Really, get a FEEL for the festival and live it! Now's your chance, our chance, maybe their only chance to experience it. Do you really want to overlook that? Well now you can't.

But hopefully you won't!

Do you want: *

Do you want:

* Unsophisticated game play?
* Flashy-but-meaningless graphics?
* Action that quickly becomes repetitive and boring?
* A whole lot of colorful and meaningless advertising?
* A game that inspires vegetation instead of creation?


Do not order the ZZT series. Do not send a check for $24+$2 p&h,
and definitely don't call 67587568867678 (orders only!) By not doing
this, you won't receive FOUR entirely unique and challenging game
worlds, nor the 4-page illustrated maps of the ZZT worlds!

I assure you that you will not be satisfied.

- - -- Tim Sweeney (Author of ZZT)

Press any key to exit...

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cute banner by the way

cute banner by the way

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We're such

We're such bored...

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.