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Fri, Aug 23 2013 08:00 AM
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Hi GT gang.

I don't know how aware of this people here are, but I am an artist in my final year of a fine art degree. I have started making virtual performances—that is using virtual, videogame-like spaces as locations for performances—and would like your help creating new spaces in which to perform.

The only requirement is that they be 3-D. Unity 3D is super easy to just plonk models in and have camera and physics taken care of, and I can help you if necessary, and 3D Rad is simple for similar reasons. Google Sketchup is a nice simple 3D modelling program, and a plugin that exports to Unity is available called PlayUp. There's also a 3D Rad related plugin that kind of confused me.

I won't give you any further rules for these spaces, but I will vaguely advise that—so far it seems—a good virtual performance space:

  1. Be open (whatever that means to you).
  2. Have things to perform with.
  3. Be played from a first-person perspective.

But challenges to these rules are much more than welcome.

I will be using these spaces to help me figure out what makes a good performance space, and I will stream myself playing each entry submitted via Potentially some may also be used in my graduate exhibition (but I'll ask permission for anything public), but who knows; it's early days, and I still have a lot to think about.

The starting point for this idea was our own Fabien Poree's Destroy Your Home, and some examples of me performing in this game can be seen here:

[i]Short version:[/b]

Make some 3-D games that are low on rules for me to play round with/in.


>> S U B M I T G A M E

Edit: now with 'cool 3d gif"


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Games made for Build me a performance space


Nice idea, good concept

And good to hear from you. 3d huh. open spaces.... 1st person.. These are all interesting concepts. But what can a concept be without delivery? That's why you put this up, and you picked some pretty animated gifs . You even provided some tool things. It's probably worth a look or two. I like flowers. I'll try to do my best to provide support where I can.

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Which flowers?

Which flowers?

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Heck, a carefully constructed Minecraft map would do, too.

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I have Minecraft but it is

I have Minecraft but it is lagging, so no i'm not joining this event. :P

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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Would a Doom level be

Would a Doom level be suitable?

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Sure! I mean anything is: a

Sure! I mean anything is: a Mario 64 ROM hack, Doom WADs, whatever, as long as it's 3-D, really.

avery's picture there's

there's your digital performance area. tons of maps. loads of places to explore. barely anyone around any more so its more like searching around an ancient abandoned relic.

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Yeah, is great, and I should play around with it again with this idea in mind (and now I have a computer that would run it right), but right now I need to try as many different things as possible, not lock myself down. Thanks for reminding me of it!

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Cloth physics

Unity cloth physics are something.

watch out for snakes

As far as snakes go, you're better off just leaving them alone if your not sure what kind is hollow. I don't know. break a spine in two and microscope to see snakes stay locked up in the smaller fish. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a catfish is more of an accidental thing.

Hey Jeremy you're lucky on the board often but I still don't not qualify as a few minutes the hand was swelling and a hundred and one other things are not present in a place where there are very few Catfish capable of spining you.

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Aaah this starts soon I was

Aaah this starts soon

I was really excited to do this but I might not end up with the time anymore. In penance, I submit an amazing space designed by Six, where dogs barf out physical manifestations of tweets that include the word "Doritos" (Windows, OS X).

I didn't make this at all! This is entirely Six's work! But the only place it's ever been seen publicly before is in an @reply to someone on Twitter AFAIK, and I asked him and he said it's cool to post it here.

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Oh, that's a shame. If you

Oh, that's a shame. If you still want to make something at another time you're welcome to just send it along to me, or send me a PM with a link, or whatever.

Thanks for passing along Six's thing!

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Grav. mistake.

This is a good mistake, especially if you can stay on one of the 'floating' blocks.

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About to start

About to start streaming!

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My level's going to take way

My level's going to take way too long... as usual.

By the time it's done there'll probably be a new event it'd be good for... but we'll just see. I hope all the same you enjoy it!