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the bees! the bees! they're trying to steal your precious diamond. use your yoyo hammer of justice to fend them off - but bee warned for every one you kill two bees shall rise up to take its place

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2


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oh god so many bees

oh god so many bees aaahhhhh

I like how killing the bees is sort of your own undoing. It's not like they WANT to steal your diamond, they just want to ram stupidly into it, and it's you making the bee clusters lopsided as much as them just happening to be lopsided.

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heehee yeah you sussed it. I

heehee yeah you sussed it. I was thinking about sophisticated ways of making bees cooperate, but really asymmetry did the trick well enough for Pirate Kart purposes.