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These non-playable characters are trying to imitate you, the protagonist! When you move, they imitate your movements, almost exactly! But there's a little trick in each level to finding out which one you are!

WASD or arrow-marked keys: Move yourself, or select level.
Mouse: move yellow spotlight.
Left mouse button: choose.

See if you can sleuth it out, and remember: There's only one of you! There's no one else who's just like you!

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juliette's picture

Awww, I haven't played it

Awww, I haven't played it yet but I love this already

juliette's picture

It's great :3 7 broke my

It's great :3
7 broke my spirit though!

FlaviusMaximus's picture

This is hard!

And interesting. I managed to find a way to beat levels 0 and 1, but i'm too dumb to solve the other puzzles, sadly.

whoiam's picture

Genius concept! Music is

Genius concept! Music is great too.
I've only beaten level 0 so far though.

Danni's picture

I was able to solve all of

I was able to solve all of them except 7 and 8.

Do you have any control over the WebGL renderer? I need to use WebGL to get a smooth framerate, but it seems to have this rather distracting visual artifact:

ShowYourselfWebGL.png9.44 KB

Game Maker's WebGL support

Game Maker's WebGL support is currently broken - sorry.