My First Game Needs Your Help

I've decided to join the fold and dabble in Klik 'n Play trainwreckology. I'm currently working on a an experimental 41-screen game utilizing a concept never before seen in Klik 'n Play (probably), but I need your help. The first person to answer this question gets their selection used.

Which word is better: Entrashulate or Engarbefy?


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Assuming "Engarbefy" means

Assuming "Engarbefy" means "to put on clothes", I think it wins.

Also, welcome! Glad to have you in the fold.

Actually, 'engarbefy' means

Actually, 'engarbefy' means the same as 'entrashulate'. 'Engarbafy' with an A didn't look right, and 'engarbagefy' was too unwieldly.

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entrashulate, then

entrashulate, then