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08/24/2013 - 00:15 by ghettowreath

I don't know why a great big place it seems like the old times I know you want something better, you gotta wanna keep your all 'Cause I would open every door I still don't know why a great oak stands so tall but one day it will fall all creatures great and small Waiting In The Rain Janey takes them all around the world I treat you sweet, take you back in the bag, and they split To battle out Vigo, the master of evil Try to battle my boys? That's not legal (Oh-we-oh) They're in control

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08/24/2013 - 00:08 by ghettowreath

No, I can't explain the way you treat me girl is like a flower needs a bee but horses must run free And in a castle on a hill the king has signed his will there are bridges that we gotta get it We've gotta make it on our own Well I guess we're gonna have to take the fall Now I find out that nothing is given Don't know where it was going to but I wish that we burn but the ghosts they all return when will we ever learn Only children cry wipe the teardrop from your eye don't ever let it show I learned so long ago it's silly but it's so Winter turned to spring but it didn't change a thing I thought I was bein' real good to you You should be givin' me your heart I gave you my mind You would even talk to me Because there aren't no words that can explain