Count the fridges in Fridgeland


Please, don't give Agrias trouble. Please hurry... [A knight brings the prisoner
inside the goblin's forest. Six Goblins surrounds the enemy.] Ramza: It's
because of some elitist's ideas. Change the world? You think so? I doubt the
High Priest doesn't want to thank Ramza. -- Zirekile Falls --
==================== Teta: Let go! Wiegraf: Izlude, leave this area! 30... 29...
28... 27... 26... 25...System Error.

Thought I'd post this one up for rick. Rick you there? How many fridges did you want again? That sofa better not be in the fountain again or I'm gonna git mad.

ninjanear pilot
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It's refrigerators all the way down

I know what's up with these... you think there's only a couple fridges, but you look closer and the fridges are actually made up of more fridges. There's only four if you make a quick glance, but if you put them together you get more. There's at -least- five.

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Goshdarn, I was so certain.

Goshdarn, I was so certain.


wertpool's right .. there's 4.. there's one so big it could be considered 5, but you know, it still is 4 as far as i know. but you're also right, because it can be appended and you can stack them too! also the screenshot was taken after i got the game link and i simply added hte purple couch on hte fountain.. you could uhh, get rick in trouble though by putting the purple couch back on the fountain but i doubt ninja engineer pilot would notice, as he's too busy being one of the 3.

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